AAPAdvisory + AAPLink = THE Affirmative Action Consulting and Tech Solution.

AAPLink Software Training

AAPLink SoftwareAAP Advisory’s training course on AAPLink Software is customized for each client based on specific functions the client will be performing using AAPLink. The course is designed to give Human Resources professionals and Managers a thorough knowledge of the functions, capabilities, and features of AAPLink so that you can navigate the software with ease. The training includes, but is not limited to, learning how to prepare data files, import data, reconcile and modify the imported data, and create reports. Bashen believes in making the training pertinent to each client. AAPLink training accomplishes that by using your company’s workforce data during training. Please contact AAP Advisory to schedule your AAPLink training.

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AAP Advisory is Bashen’s business process model for Affirmative Action service delivery offering expert advice to clients regarding AA best practices and Strategic EEO Initiatives.


At AAP Advisory, our goal is to help our clients truly understand how to make diversity work for their organization. We offer fully customizable programs to fit any organization’s needs.


AAP Advisory is appointed to efficiently deliver AAP compliance administration. Our goals are met through discipline, problem solving, professional excellence and customer service.