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About Us
Our mission is simple:

AAP Advisory is Bashen Corporation’s business unit for Affirmative Action (“AA”) service delivery offering expert advice to clients regarding AA best practices and Strategic EEO Initiatives. AAP Advisory’s unique process incorporates the business plan formula for corporate clarity.

AAP Advisory specializes in creating Affirmative Action Plans that meet and exceed standards set by the OFCCP. AAP Advisory's AAPs are custom-designed to meet the needs of each client’s unique organizational structure and generate the necessary data to respond timely to OFCCP audits. AAP Advisory reviews AAPs informing companies of potential areas of concern.

Bashen’s Affirmative Action Plan Advisory team examines the way you conduct business. This approach allows an organization to self-audit its business practices while leveraging AAP Advisory’s industry knowledge for an effective and compliant AA program.

The AAP Advisory Team has deep understanding of how organizational culture operates – we recognize that the diversity process touches all aspects of an organization, from philosophy to governance to daily operations and often raises many sensitive issues. When properly defined and managed, diversity has the potential to strengthen organizational effectiveness and efficiency, especially for organizations that cross a wide variety of business disciplines and industries. The meaning of diversity within an organization depends largely on the leaders in power and their perspectives on diversity. Diversity must be achieved and managed effectively if its benefits are to be achieved. This requires leadership commitment, the establishment of priorities and realistic objectives, the assessment and development of policies and practices to meet the particular diversity needs of the organization. If conducted in a systematic, thorough and professional manner, the organizational diversity assessment can add to the organizational culture, service delivery and policy development. AAP Advisory welcomes the opportunity to partner with an organization to design an assessment strategy to gather comprehensive, candid, detailed attitudes and beliefs from staff, management and leadership on diversity and inclusion; determine current strengths and opportunities; and offer recommendations based on the needs of the organization.


Bashen Corporation is Diversity

We Are Diversity

  • Our diverse staff speaks 10 languages:

              - Spanish
              - Mandarin
              - Russian
              - Yoruba
              - Bengali
              - Urdu
              - Hindi
              - Tagalog
              - Arabic
              - English

  • We are: 75 percent women and 63 percent minorities:
              - Asian
              - Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
              - Hispanic
              - African-American
              - Native American
              - Caucasian
              - multi-racial

  • about

    AAP Advisory is Bashen’s business process model for Affirmative Action service delivery offering expert advice to clients regarding AA best practices and Strategic EEO Initiatives.


    At AAP Advisory, our goal is to help our clients truly understand how to make diversity work for their organization. We offer fully customizable programs to fit any organization’s needs.


    AAP Advisory is appointed to efficiently deliver AAP compliance administration. Our goals are met through discipline, problem solving, professional excellence and customer service.