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AAP Advisory Staff
Diversity is the Spice of Life

“If you don't walk the walk, it doesn't matter how well you talk the talk!”

– Lindsey L. Wohrer,

It.. is AAPAdvisory’s goal to provide its staff with a challenging and in-depth experience that allows each individual to achieve maximum professional growth in a well-managed and innovative work environment. Our diverse, knowledgeable and experienced consultants strive to provide superior client service that is prompt, thorough, objective and independent.

Collectively, AAPAdvisory's management possesses over 100 years experience, with a focus on investigations, EEO training, affirmative action, and fair employment practices compliance. AAPAdvisory’s diverse Consultant Staff comprises attorneys and human resources professionals who have specialized expertise regarding affirmative action, workplace disputes and EEO compliance best practices.

All AAPAdvisory Consultants are trained in Bashen’s unique and innovative business process model, strategic mission and customer service philosophy. AAPAdvisory’s internal professional development program includes a series of modules regarding EEO Investigations and investigative best practices, EEO compliance, affirmative action development, as well as strategic planning, ethics, alternative dispute resolution, and legal updates in the areas of HR and EEO. Bashen has a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Janet E. Bashen, President and CEO of Bashen Corporation and AAPAdvisory

“We are a culture of driven people who believe in working hard, testing ourselves, and thinking outside of a job description. We have assembled a team of seasoned professionals in the areas of Human Resources, labor and employment consulting, ADR, strategic sourcing, process management and information technology to help clients achieve long-term business objectives and organizational goals. One of our competitive advantages is our team. Our workforce reflects Bashen’s values. Our diverse staff speaks 10 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Yoruba, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic and English. Our staff comprises 75 percent women and 63 percent minorities, including Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, African American, Native American, Caucasian and multi-racial employees.”

– Janet Emerson Bashen,
President & CEO

Janet E. Bashen“As a black girl growing up in the segregated South, I asked my parents many questions about race for which they did not have answers. This started a life-long quest of trying to understand our country’s history and struggle with issues of race. This research led me to gender issues and then my passion with EEO grew into a business interest that has evolved, incorporating diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

As an African-American businesswoman competing with legions of capitalized law firms and consulting firms, Ms. Bashen established immediate credibility with prospective clients. Ms. Bashen persuaded entities that Bashen’s services would forever transform the way companies manage EEO and Fair Employment Practices concerns successfully. Today, Bashen is the brand for human resources and employment consulting. Collectively, Ms. Bashen and her staff have successfully investigated and managed nearly 18,000 EEO claims from state, local and federal enforcement agencies. Ms. Bashen’s experience also includes many high profile systemic, pattern and practice claims. With over 25 years consulting experience, Ms. Bashen is considered an industry expert in EEO Compliance, which includes investigations, affirmative action, training, and diversity inclusion strategies.

National Recognitions and Awards
Ms. Bashen is continually recognized nationally for important business achievements. In May 2000, Ms. Bashen testified before Congress regarding the impact of the FTC opinion letter on third party discrimination investigations. Ms. Bashen and Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee were key figures in changing legislation. In October 2003, Ms. Bashen received the Pinnacle Award from the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce for success in business. Ms. Bashen was also the 2004 recipient of the prestigious Crystal Award for achievement in business presented by the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. Eclipse Magazine featured Ms. Bashen in the October 2004 issue highlighting her business successes.

In January 2006, Ms. Bashen became the first African-American female in United States’ history to hold a patent for a software invention. The patented software, LinkLine®, is a web-based application for EEO claims intake, claims management and claims tracking that features custom reporting features. Ms. Bashen was inducted to the Black Inventors Hall of Fame in 2007 with inventors such as George Washington Carver [peanut products], Madame C.J. Walker [beauty and hair care products], and Garrett Augustus Morgan [traffic signal].

Ms. Bashen’s experience with Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity makes her a sought after lecturer and motivational speaker. Ms. Bashen frequently speaks on equal employment opportunity and fair employment practices and has lectured for organizations such as the: EEOC, American Association for Affirmative Action, Professional Liability Underwriting Society, Society for Human Resources (“SHRM”), State Bar of Texas – Labor and Employment Section, National Association of Negro Women in Business and many others. Ms. Bashen has been interviewed by numerous television and radio programs, including CNN and Business Talk Radio and is featured in articles written by respected print publications, such as The Houston Chronicle, the Detroit News, Eclipse Magazine, and the Texas Bar Association.

Training & Articles
Ms. Bashen has conducted training and written numerous white papers and industry articles regarding EEO, Diversity, Fair Employment Practices and Affirmative Action.

  • Advanced EEO for Supervisors and Managers, Part II - 2010
  • The ABC’s of EEO for Supervisors and Managers, Part II - 2010
  • EEO Process Mapping Part II, “A Narrow and Winding Road” - 2010
  • The EEO SWOT – “Measuring Your Organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats” - 2010
  • Measuring the Real Cost of EEO and Workplace Claims - 2010
  • “Generations Apart, Part II” – Age is Not Just a Number - 2010
  • The EEOC’s New Mission: “Enforcement, Enforcement and Enforcement” - 2010
  • President Obama and the EEOC – New Administration, New Attitude and New Dollars, “What’s an Agency to Do?” - 2010
  • Diversity Investment Plans “DIP” – What is Your ROI? - 2009
  • Privilege Is Not Yours Alone - 2009
  • Software as a Service (“SaaS”) The SaaS Application and Why it’s Important to
  • EEOC Investigative Process - 2009
  • “Generations Apart” – Diversity for the Generations - 2008
  • Building a Strategic Affirmative Action Plan
  • Designing an EEO Business Initiative, “It’s all in the Plan” - May 2008
  • Avoiding Systemic Claims - 2008
  • The EEO Business Plan - 2008
  • Diversity Process Mapping - 2007
  • The Color of Diversity, Race Codes – “It's All in the Mix” - 2007
  • EEO Process Mapping, “A Narrow and Winding Road” - December 2006
  • Fair Employment Practices – It Affects the Bottom Line! - 2006
  • Equal Employment Opportunity – The Real Meaning 40 Years Later! - 2006
  • Best Practices for Managing Diversity - 2002
  • Solving the Affirmative Employment Maze - 2004
  • LinkLine, A Look at Technology and EEO - 2001
  • Diversity Training for Employees and Front-Line Managers - 2001
  • Advanced EEO for Supervisors and Managers - 2000
  • The Life Cycle of A Discrimination Complaint - 1999
  • The ABC’s of EEO for Supervisors and Managers – 1998

  • Professional, Civic, Social and Civil Rights Organizations

  • National Urban League
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (“NAACP”)
  • National Organization for Women (“NOW”)
  • Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”)
  • Professional Liability Underwriters Society (“PLUS”)
  • American Society for Training and Development
  • Houston Society Healthcare Human Resources Association
  • National Employment Lawyers Council (“NELC”)
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Houston Women’s Business Council
  • Houston Minority Business Council
  • American Association of Affirmative Action
  • American Bar Association (Associate Member)
  • National Industry Liaison Group

  • Community Service
    Ms. Bashen maintains a strong community commitment and most recently served on the Board of Directors for the North Harris Montgomery County Community College District Foundation, chairs the Corporate Advisory Board of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. She also serves as a Board member of PrepProgram, a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing at-risk student athletes for college and on the Board of Visitors for Alabama A&M University, one of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities (“HBCU”).

    Ms. Bashen’s educational background includes a degree in legal studies and government from the University of Houston, and postgraduate studies at Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Administration Executive Program. Ms. Bashen is also a graduate of Harvard University’s “Women and Power: Leadership in a New World.”

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    G. STEVEN BASHEN, SPHR, Executive Vice President and COO

    G. Steve BashenAs part of Bashen Corporation’s Strategic Management Team for the last sixteen years, Mr. Bashen supports the service delivery and quality control of Bashen Corporation. Mr. Bashen directs Bashen’s claims administration service delivery through his leadership in operations focusing on process efficiency and consultant staff training. Mr. Bashen possesses more than 23 years of claims experience, with an emphasis on EEO claims administration, including but not limited to, Title VII, Americans With Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and Equal Pay Act.

    Mr. Bashen is also a speaker and trainer, rendering advice and consultation to Bashen Corporation’s clients and staff regarding: effective claims management; investigative best practices; regulatory compliance; and EEO claims preventative strategies. Mr. Bashen wrote the treatise titled, “Civil Rights Investigations and the FCRA.” Mr. Bashen is also a frequent lecturer and is considered an EEO subject matter expert having investigated or managed thousands of EEO claims. Mr. Bashen is a member of the National Industry Liaison Group.

    Mr. Bashen is a published author and has written several notable Industry articles including: “Building a Strong EEO/AA Business Plan”; “Best Practices - EEO Investigations” - 2005; “Civil Rights Investigations and the FCRA – 2000, Revised 2001.” Mr. Bashen co-authored the article, “The Color of Diversity” - 2004, Revised 2007. He has also published numerous business whitepapers including: “Privilege Is Not Yours Alone” – 2002 and “The EEOC Process: The Nuts and Bolts” - 2003. “Stop Killing the Trees: LinkLine the web based answer to EEO Claims Administration” – 2004; A Look at the No Fear Act - 2005. “Diversity in Black, White, Brown and Yellow” - 2006 and “More Than Two: What Took You So Long?” – 2007.

    Mr. Bashen earned a Bachelor of Science in professional writing from the University of Houston. He is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. Mr. Bashen is a U.S. Veteran with service in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps.

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    TIFFANY DILLARD, J.D., Senior Consultant

    Tiffany DillardPrior to joining Bashen, Ms. Dillard practiced in general litigation with a special focus on employment law. While practicing, she counseled clients on their employment law rights and assisted clients with the preparation of their EEOC charges and rebuttal statements. Ms. Dillard was the lead attorney on employment law related cases in the law offices in which she worked. Ms. Dillard has also worked at the EEOC and in JCPenney Corporation’s Legal Department drafting legal memoranda analyzing Title VII bases and issues. While at the EEOC, Ms. Dillard provided to the legal department an assessment of a claim’s viability together with a recommended course of action. Ms. Dillard has successfully settled various cases using mediation and negotiation as effective alternatives to dispute resolution.

    Ms. Dillard has experience with diversity outreach and inclusion. Ms. Dillard has planned and implemented symposiums and town-hall forums where individuals of minority groups and the majority were encouraged to interact and speak with each other about the issues affecting minority groups’ education, employment, and integration into the workplace. At the forum, issues were raised and solutions were discussed. Serving as a liaison, Ms. Dillard has fostered communication among minority groups and broken down the “invisible” barriers between them. Ms. Dillard’s recruitment efforts have been successful, resulting in at least a 25 percent increase in minority representation. Ms. Dillard has also had success in increasing diverse organizations’ presence within the community.

    Ms. Dillard graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. Ms. Dillard received her Juris Doctor from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. Ms. Dillard is admitted to practice in Texas and the Southern District of Texas.

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    BOYE OSOBA, Chief of Software and Network Administration

    Boye Osoba

    Mr. Osoba provides client support to users of Bashen’s patented software suite including LinkLine diversity/EEO tracking “SaaS” application. Mr. Osoba is an experienced programmer, multi-media designer and website developer using Microsoft, Java, Macromedia and Adobe technologies. His expertise with Microsoft applications, server systems, and IT administration is integral to Bashen’s ability to deliver exemplary services to our clients. As an integral part of Bashen’s IT team, Mr. Osoba works with his colleagues to ensure accurate and timely reporting for diversity assessments, claims tracking, benchmarking and more.

    Mr. Osoba has worked as a technical officer at IMAXX Media Ltd. in London where he worked with a team to develop a new video on-demand service, to set-up processes to define requirements for hardware equipment and design specifications for server and client side applications. Prior to this role, Mr. Osoba was the web developer for Guysfromweb.com in London where he set-up and maintained the company web server, client website settings and security.

    Mr. Osoba spent two years as the IT Administrator at South Lambeth College in London where he maintained the network infrastructure for the administration. He also designed and implemented an online student database system. Mr. Osoba served as the system administrator at Thomas Andrew & Daodu Solicitors in London where he set-up and maintained the workstations, tested third party applications, and hardware and basic network protocols.

    Mr. Osoba received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Information Engineering from the University of Hull and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems in Internet and Multimedia Engineering from London South Bank University. Mr. Osoba recently received a certificate from University of Texas at Austin UTMBA Executive Education Program.

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    JOYCE NEAL, Senior EEO Practice Administrator

    Joyce NealMs. Neal has over 28 years experience in coordinating, planning and supporting daily operational functions. As an AAP and Diversity Practice Administrator, Ms. Neal is part of Bashen’s EEO team in support of our diversity consulting and EEO service delivery. Ms. Neal completed Bashen Corporation’s intensive EEO training program covering EEO laws and investigative best practices. Ms. Neal is a certified investigator and completed the 32 hours of EEO investigative training required for MD-110 29 C.F.R. 1614 and the EEOC. She brings to Bashen Corporation outstanding organizational skills that help Bashen achieve its organizational objectives.

    Prior to joining Bashen Corporation, Ms. Neal served as a Senior Administrator at Entergy Solutions Supply Limited in Little Rock, Arkansas and then transferred to Houston, Texas.

    Ms. Neal is a veteran of the United States Army. Ms. Neal also has a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Management and has received several certificates for outstanding service throughout her career. She recently received a certificate for completing the intensive Executive Education program offered by the University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business.

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    MADELAINE JACKSON, Customer Service Associate

    Madelaine JacksonMs. Jackson has been greeting Bashen customers with her warm Southern charm for over 10 years. It is not uncommon for Madeline to give you a recipe for chicken soup to cure that cold and fever you’ve been fighting or offer relief from cold weather just her warm little “hello.”

    Ms. Jackson has won employee of the year seven times over the last 10 years. Ms. Jackson’s strong organization skills maintain Bashen’s smooth daily operations. Ms. Jackson enthusiastically assumes additional responsibilities to ensure Bashen customers’ satisfaction and her responsiveness and follow through foster strong relationships with customers by and reviewing client bills before they are sent out. Ms. Jackson demonstrates planning, organizing and problem solving and assists in the implementation of the solutions.



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    AAP Advisory is Bashen’s business process model for Affirmative Action service delivery offering expert advice to clients regarding AA best practices and Strategic EEO Initiatives.


    At AAP Advisory, our goal is to help our clients truly understand how to make diversity work for their organization. We offer fully customizable programs to fit any organization’s needs.


    AAP Advisory is appointed to efficiently deliver AAP compliance administration. Our goals are met through discipline, problem solving, professional excellence and customer service.