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I.D.E.A.L.™ Assessment Model

IDEAL Assessment Model

Diversity &

Our vision is for people of all backgrounds to have a voice in shaping the direction of their own lives as well as the future of their organizations. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive strategy for conducting workplace assessments from our many years of EEO, AAP and diversity management experience. Our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Assessment Links (“IDEAL”) model comprises seven components to assess how effective an organization is at managing and capitalizing on diversity. We utilize a research-informed and practical model, clear processes and a systematic framework to create real and tangible benefits aligned with our clients’ intentions and the needs of the organization. We believe in actively involving our clients in the planning, assessment, and implementation of our projects.

Utilizing the IDEAL model, AAP Advisory will achieve the objectives outlined by an organization. The seven-component IDEAL process is as follows: 1) AAPLink and LinkLine®, our automated, web-based applications, 2) requests for data/information, 3) fact finding meetings, 4) focus groups, 5) surveys, 6) workforce study, and 7) reporting. We will gather, analyze and present data that required to make informed, strategic decisions to help the organization to improve its diversity and inclusion practices.

AAP Advisory’s seven-component approach is described in greater detail in the next sections. These activities have significant overlap and support one another, both in design and implementation as well as their contributions to outcomes in the short term and the organization’s future progress.


AAP Advisory is Bashen’s business process model for Affirmative Action service delivery offering expert advice to clients regarding AA best practices and Strategic EEO Initiatives.


At AAP Advisory, our goal is to help our clients truly understand how to make diversity work for their organization. We offer fully customizable programs to fit any organization’s needs.


AAP Advisory is appointed to efficiently deliver AAP compliance administration. Our goals are met through discipline, problem solving, professional excellence and customer service.